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15-23 MARCH 2016

No Exit

Director: Mohanad Yaqubi

Country: Palestine

Runtime: 11 min

Language: Arabic (English Subtitles)

Like many people of his generation, Ali has decided to run away from the hardships of war. Along his way, he meets a strange person in a bus station; an encounter that will change his perspective.

No_Exit-_Director_Portrait No_Exit-_Poster

Mohanad Yaqubi is a filmmaker, Producer and one of the founders of Idioms Film. He teaches film studies at the International Art Academy in Palestine. He is part of Subversive Films, a curatorial and research collective that focuses on militant film practices.

"Two generations, two wars, and two lost souls in a tunnel, waiting at a station for a bus that will never pass, the story reflects the reality of wasted life waiting to change its destiny, thinking life will change by running away, and as far as they go, life still holding the main essence of war, a life that exist in the time between two shells, two bullets...two wars... In 1967, MAN, dug his way out through a tunnel he found and run away looking for a better future hoping to find it in somewhere else... 2009, During the assault on Gaza, ALI, decided also to run away through a tunnel he found, he didn't know where does it lead to, but he wanted to reach London, where his cousin Mohamed lives in, hoping to start a new life that will make him forget the past. After a weird surreal journey, Ali arrives to a bus station in a tunnel, where JAMAL is waiting for the bus since 67 War, their conversation is more existential and metaphorical than passenger asking for direction type... The story..." Mohanad Yaqubi

Twitter: @idiomsfil

Facebook: Idioms Film

Screening with Middle Eastern Shorts

Bahrain: Al Riwaq @ Views Bahrain| 18 March | 7:30 PM

Qatar: Katara Art Center | 19 March | 7 PM

Kuwait: CAP | 23 March | 7 PM