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15-23 MARCH 2016

The Green Caravan Film Festival (GCFF) is a traveling festival of environmental and socially conscious films that was founded by the environmental company Equilibrium in 2009. It has toured Kuwait and Dubai and London. In 2016 it returns to the Gulf for an expanded tour of several Gulf cities.


The festival hopes to bring together a variety of audiences, filmmakers, NGOs and supporters that can discover, share and cooperate on the vital issues presented by the films in an atmosphere of inspired camaraderie and passion.


The festival is a 3-4 days packed event for general audiences. This year the festival has invited short films from the MENA region to enter an audience judged competition for the first time. We hope that this will encourage the production of critical films from the Middle East that will open up debate and spur action in the region. The feature length films that make up 80% of the festival are carefully curated by GCFF to ensure that the stories being told and issues brought forward are done in an inspiring and well crafted way. The festival believes that the powerful medium of the visual arts can be a catalyst for positive change and we hope that it will entertain and challenge all those involved.

About the Festival